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Spotlight Award

We are proud to have won the Spotlight Award in the people and lifestyle category.
The Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence highlights world-class commercial photographers who are creating the most outstanding imagery within advertising.

The contest has a prestigious panel of over 50 judges, all of whom are experts from advertising agencies, magazines and brands.


"Kunst hoch 2" with Mario and Alberto Venzago

The documentary series "Kunst hoch 2" portrays well-known artists in a double pack and lets one talk about the other. This saturday November 2nd it’s time with Mario and Alberto Venzago - two brothers like light and shadow.
Mario Venzago is an internationally known conductor and describes himself as an intellectual with a heart. His brother Alberto, two years younger, is a celebrated photographer and filmmaker and says about himself that the dark attracts him more the the banal world.
Mario and Alberto Venzago live for their passion and their art. In the rare shared moments you can feel the brotherly familiarity and the strong bond between them.

3sat Saturday 11:50


Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich

Since autumn 2018, Venzago has given the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich a new photographic face. A long friendship connects the new principal conductor Paavo Järvi with Venzago.


Till death tears me apart

"Bis dass der Tod mich scheidet”
It's about death and passion. The 168-page Kunstlyrikband contains profound poems by the Swiss poet and millionaire Peter Buser, enriched with black-and-white photographs by Venzago. Melancholy mixes with beauty.
Martin Walser wrote the preface.
At Amazon: ISBN-978-3-942924-25-2

Read book as PDF


ONE_SEDUCED BY THE DARKNESS by Petra Gut Contemporary, Nüschelerstrasse 31, 8001 Zürich on view till Saturday 26th of May

Alberto Vengazo is known as one of the most important Swiss photo journalist. The winner of the ‘Robert Capa Awards’ has been working for globally renowned news magazines such as Stern, Sunday Time Magazine and Life, for more than forty years. Even critics grant that the 66-year old Zurich man has the ability to capture people with his lens in such a way that they don’t even notice it. This way intimate portraits and historical documents are created – from Voodoo-ghost healers to the Japanese Mafia and the Pentagon. As an artist, Vengazo has been celebrating international successes for years.

Julia Fokina. The rebel from Moscow started her career abroad after the fall of the Soviet regime, initially as model, stylist and later as art director. Together, the two of them formed the artist duo ‘ONE’.


ONE: Seduced by the Darkness

Venzago shows new photographs with his partner Julia Fokina. The rebel from Moscow began her career after the break of the Soviet regime abroad as a model, stylist and later as an art director. Together they founded the artist duo "ONE".

"We try to link photojournalism and visual art, reinterpret political events, emotionally and often provocatively," says Venzago.

Their work "ONE-SEDUCED BY THE DARKNESS" is shown for the first time in Bern.


Salzburg Sommer Festival Exhibition 2017

Rudolf Budja Gallery proudly presents

Julia Fokina-Alberto Venzago

Venzago shows new works together with his life partner Julia Fokina. The rebel, from Moscow, began her career after the break of the Soviet regime abroad as a model, stylist and later as an art director. Together they founded the artist duo "ONE".
"We try to link photojournalism and visual art, reinterpret events, emotionally and often provocatively," says Venzago.
Their joint work "ONE-SEDUCED BY THE DARKNESS" is shown for the first time internationally.


ONE-Seduced-by-the darkness

Zum ersten Mal zeigen Julia Fokina und Alberto Venzago Ausschnitte aus ihrem gemeinsamen Werk ONE.
Anlässlich der Photo 17 haben über 5000 Besucher einen ersten Eindruck vom Werk der beiden Künstler erhalten.
Bis Ende Jahr sollte das erste Exemplar des grossformatigen Buches fertig sein.
more to come


Voodoo - Mounted by the gods

After 13 years of travelling around the glob, the Photo Exhibition "Mounted By The Gods" returns back to Zurich. The exhibition was launched in Colognes Photokina and was in 2003 the largest photo exhibition in Switzerland.
The photos were taken over a period of 2 years after the shooting of the film.
"The wonderful thing about long-term projects is that I could win my protagonists as friends in this case a very rare opportunity:. Gounon, the chosen high priest of the Voodoo Clans Segbolissa in Ouidah, Benin has not disapperaed over all this years. He has remained a friend. "
This coming Saturday we organize in the www.hammerauktionen a true hammer auction: The pictures of the exhibition and selected religious objects will be auctioned. A fixed amount goes to the Goonons Voodoo convent in Ouidah.
There is a film screening, followed by a panel discussion with Alberto Venzago, cinemtographer and photographera, the priest Andreas Klaiber and the art dealer Jean David, moderated by Dr. Matthias Ackeret, publisher and editor in chief of "Persoenlich".
"I also give most of my collection to the auction. Except a few Grisgris. I surely will keep the protector against plane crashes and those for the eternal erection. "
All details below:
ps it is the best opportunity to buy a real Venzago ..


1816: The Year Without a Summer

The volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora, Indonesia, in 1815 was the largest ever recorded and the resulting ash cloud in 1816 gave rise to 'The Year Without a Summer’ – low temperatures, unseasonal snowfall, constant rain and lack of sunlight – throughout the northern hemisphere. The crops failed and many countries faced famine, poverty and sickness. The consequent climate change helped to cause many remarkable transformations in culture, society and politics: it affected the human condition, in mind and body, and influenced behaviour.
This two-day programme, involving leading musicians and expert speakers, offers an original and enlightening framework for exploring the full context and consequences of extraordinary natural events which occurred exactly 200 years ago. The music, literature and other creations of the time can be appreciated in a new light – enriched by history and science, they can tell us much that is of interest and importance to today’s society.
Venzago shows an 18 minute film The Jungfrau-she walks in beauty and a short photo-film essay on Lord Byrons madness.

Kings Place, London June 17, 18 2016


"The ones in the dark are invisible"

Photographs from the workshops and studios of the Salzburg Festival.

Beadwork, handmade wigs, custommade shoes - for the enjoyment of an unforgettable opera experience many specialized workers are needed - many of them remain invisible. The two photographers Alberto Venzago and Lisa Kutzelnig present a fascinating behind the scenes look of the Salzburg Festival. Your photos show not only the elaborate production processes of the current stage plays, but give some special attention to the often overlooked artists.


LEICA: The new LEICA Q Juni 2015

Venzago contributed for the launch of the new compact LEICA Q the images. Thanks to its photographic support the new compact Leica Q was presented worldwide. Venzago photographed in the Swiss National Circus Knie backstage, without light and assistants.
Like in the old times. This time, only digitally.


ONE : The studio of Julia Fokina and Alberto Venzago is in the final lane.

On April 1st, the 160 m2 studio will be ready. From the first idea to the final fine art prints, everything is created here.


Gergiev - a certain madness

Alberto Venzago’s new film about the conductor Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra touring Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway is finally finished. After three years of preparation and several trips to Siberia, the film is now ready for the Premiere at the Zürich Filmfestival 2013, 2nd of October.


Photo13 new images

Penelope Cruz and Tina Turner: The Swiss top photographer Alberto Venzago has captures this stars like no other. Intimate, sensual and natural. As a photojournalist, he experienced the other side of photography. The revolution in Iran or the organized crime in Japan are as much part of his portfolio as portrait and landscape photography. At the photo13 he presents in a special exhibition expansive outdoor scenes that give the viewer the feeling to immerse in the images.

On Saturday 05 January at 15.30 clock Alberto Venzago tells of his versatile work as a photojournalist.


Siemens Answers

Alberto Venzago and Markus Zucker have been making short films for Siemens since September 2011.

Alpine magic – 20 December 2011

After a day’s mountaineering in the Valais Alps, the Monte Rosa hut is a futuristic place of refuge for Gabriel Willisch– at 3,000 metres above sea level.
A story by Alberto Venzago


Credit Suisse – Annual report 2012

For the third consecutive year, Alberto Venzago will be portraying the employees of Credit Suisse worldwide for the bank’s annual report. The result will be more than merely beautiful pictures: Venzago aims both to capture the personality of the people he photographs and to provide an unfamiliar insight into the world of banking.


Gergiev – A Certain Madness

Alberto Venzago’s new film about the conductor Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra touring Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway is making good progress. After two years of preparation and three trips to Siberia, the film is now half completed. The result of twelve weeks of editing, a finished book of sponsors and the first trailer can now be downloaded here.


Penelope und Monica Cruz, Til Schweiger

For the second year in succession, Alberto Venzago will be filming with the stars. Making-of films and slideshows of the past two years will be shown at this year’s Fashion Days in Zurich. The second edition of the Charles Vögele Fashion Days will take place from 9 to 12 November 2011.

Swiss and international designers will be showing their new collections in the exclusive setting of the Giessereihalle at Puls 5. For the first time, in combination with Fashion Rocks, the charity event that has already proved to be highly popular in New York and London, they will be supported by stars of the international music scene.


JTI – The Brand Book

JTI – Japan Tobacco International – encompasses the international tobacco business of Japan Tobacco Inc., the world’s third-largest tobacco corporation. With a market share of 11 percent and a market share of approximately USD 32 billion, JTI is a multinational company in which all cultures and nationalities enjoy the same status.
Alberto Venzago has photographed for JTI since 2009, realising several joint projects including various films about JTI’s commitments such as its partnerships with the Fondation Beyeler (Switzerland-wide touring exhibition of Louise Bourgeois’s Maman sculpture) and the Mariinsky Orchestra under Valery Gergiev as well as a JTI-sponsored aid project in Gambia. The next partnership project will be an image film.


London Symphony Orchestra

Zum vierten Mal fotografiert Venzago die Orchestermitglieder und ihren Principal Conductor Valery Gergiev in London. Dabei werden Plakate, Programmhefte und Flyers entstehen. Dank der intensiven, freundschaftlichen Beziehung des Fotografen zum Dirigenten und seinem Ensemble kommen einmalige Aufnahmen von Proben und Konzerten zustande.


Stars extra: Alberto Venzago

Photographer, filmmaker and adventurer Alberto Venzago talks to Sandra Studer in “Stars extra”, revealing his sources of inspiration and why he is attracted to the dark side of human beings, but no longer wants to be a war correspondent –and why he was unable to become a musician and instead now makes films about musicians.


Alberto Venzago nominated for the German Camera Prize 2010

On 27 June, the German Camera Prize will be awarded for the 20th time in Cologne. In a special show, to be broadcast on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, the Großes Fernsehen festival will present selected entries nominated for this year’s prestigious media prize. The German Camera Prize acknowledges distinguished photographers, and promotional awards also honour outstanding contributions by talented young photographers. The German Camera Prize is the most important industry award in German-speaking Europe. The nominated entries bear witness to the high quality standards applied in the various cinematic and television genres. As in previous years, the Großes Fernsehen festival offers viewers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the best of the latest filmmaking achievements. Alberto Venzago has been nominated for his work as a cameraman on the film Jagdzeit by Angela Graas. Second camera: Markus Zucker.


In German cinemas: Jagdzeit, a film about Greenpeace activists in their fight against Japanese whalers in the Antarctic. Camera by Alberto Venzago

Aboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, 37 idealists embark on a voyage to the southernmost end of the earth. They intend to track down the Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic. Japan plans to cull more than 1,000 of the placid marine mammals in the whale sanctuary of the Antarctic Ocean, purportedly for scientific purposes. However, the whales killed in fact end up in Japanese restaurants. The Esperanza's crew aims to prevent this. The three-month trip to the Antarctic with Greenpeace promises magnificent images and great emotions. But the question always remains: Is it worth fighting for one’s ideals?


Beyond in the Top 100. All photos by Alberto Venzago

In the album entitled Beyond, Tina Turner’s voice can be heard above the Buddhist and Christian chants of Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Regula Curti. Inspired by the writings both ancient and modern of masters from various cultures, as well as her own entirely personal spiritual experience, Tina Turner’s spoken messages are melodiously combined with the chants.


Zeit – Sprung at the Leica Galerie in Salzburg, opening on Thursday 23 July

For the Leica Galerie in Salzburg, Alberto Venzago has broken away from the concept of time. In his exhibition of photographs entitled Zeit – Sprung, he explores the themes of speed and immobility. Divided into two areas, the exhibition shows snapshots of perfectly formed bodies at moments of the highest precision. Frozen in time for a fraction of a second, the dancers of Zurich Ballet can be seen hovering weightlessly in mid-air. As a contrast, Venzago will also exhibit large-format photographs of landscapes “in slow motion” – mystical places of spiritual power that he has photographed over several hours, sometimes for an entire night. For the “people” photographer, taking photographs in the great outdoors offers a contrast to our otherwise so fast-moving world: “The landscape calls out to me! I have no idea where it will take me. An authentic image is more important than a beautiful image.” He has only a map of Switzerland on which places of spiritual power are marked to guide him. By allowing himself to drift, an image suddenly emerges. Usually taken in the dim light of the night, the resulting compositions seem detached from reality.


Tuesday 14 July 2009 on 3SAT – Berg und Geist: Alberto Venzago

The photographer and filmmaker on the Rhone Glacier. A film by Beat Kuert and Michael Lang. First broadcast.
The Swiss photographer, filmmaker and cameraman Alberto Venzago, 59, has been one of the most internationally successful representatives in his field since the 1980s. His documentary reportages have been published in magazines such as Life, Stern and Geo, and his advertising films, commissioned by the most prominent advertising agencies and clients, have achieved cult status. Venzago has also caused a sensation as a cameraman for Wim Wenders and Greenpeace – filming the latter’s fight against whaling in the Antarctic. As a film director, he has created films such as Mounted by the Gods, a long-term observation of the voodoo phenomenon in Benin, and Mein Bruder der Dirigent, a personal homage to his brother, conductor Mario Venzago. In their broadcast entitled Berg und Geist (Mountain and Spirit), Beat Kuert and Michael Lang meet Alberto Venzago, who lives in Zurich, on the Furka Pass. Their portrait provides an insight into this versatile artist’s visual and intellectual approach.


Best of Corporate Publishing 2009: Gold for Circus Knie magazine with photos by Alberto Venzago

Portraying the life of the Swiss National Circus Knie means portraying the family, showing the artists from all over the world performing during their respective season, capturing the circus atmosphere in the marquee and backstage, documenting the uniquely subtle way the Knie family handle their animals, photographing the circus orchestra, visiting the centenarian Swiss artist Hans Erni, who created the poster for the 2009 tour, in his studio… Together with their photographer – Alberto Venzago – and journalists, this is precisely what Primafila AG has done. Some of the stories and images developed in collaboration with Circus Knie, inspired by the 2009 motto, “c’est magique”, were also used in an appropriate form for the programme of the 2009 tour in three of Switzerland’s national languages, for the VIP invitation card, the flyer, and the circus website (


30 November, Casino Zug: photo exhibition closing night

Opening on Sunday at 11.11 a.m., the Voodoo, Mounted by the Gods exhibition returns to Switzerland after a four-year journey around the world. In addition to the large-scale pictures to be exhibited for the last time, there will also be images of the Antarctic and places of spiritual power in Switzerland. The exhibition will close on Sunday. Photographs will be for sale.



EDI 08 honors the best advertising and corporate films of Switzerland. Venzago wins Gold with his film "Der letzte Streckenwärter" . The film shows in stunning black&white images the dayly trip of Markus through the 17 km long Gotthard Raylway-Tunnel. It's a voyage to his inner self.


AUGUST: GOING AGAINST FATE: Now in the cinemas

The documentary "GOING AF
GAINST FATE" follows american conductor David Zinmann and the Tonhalle Orchestra Zuerich during rehearsals, concerts and the recording of Gustavb Mahlers 6th Symphony.



“At the very centre of what we are is this idea of a group of people who are expressing feelings together. We have to do this very hard mysterious thing that no one can define; what makes a great orchestra?”
Sir Simon Rattle



The exhibition is in St Stephen Walbrook . opening on Monday 23rd June and running to Thursday 10th July. We have arranged a late-night private view / opening 22.00 - 22.30 on 23rd with the actor Sam West reciting Aidan's poems, an event which immediately follows on from the premiere of Judith's melodrama in Mercers' Hall at 20.00. While the normal opening hours of the church are 10.00 - 16.00,




The spectacle of the rehearsals of «Penthesilea
» directed by the conductor Mario
Venzago. His brother films him at the
heart of an exhausting and endless work.


GREENPEACE FILM shooting completed

Venzago shoots on the Greenpeace boat Esperanza as cameraman for the german Leykauf Production a cinema film in the Antarctic. Director: Angela Graas, Sound and 2nd camera Markus Zucker. more on the net...



A big surprise for the grand jury of the Kodak Fotokalender: The concept of Dietmar Henneka shows twelf cabdrivers with twelf cars. Venzago worked in Milan with the cabdriverfamily Palla.



The documentary "WORLD OF SOUNDS" shows David Zinman and his Tonhalle Orchestra Zürich during rehearsals, concerts and CD recordings of Gustav Mahlers sixth symphony. During 2 months, a camerateam followed the musicians like their shadows. Director:Viviane Blumenschein/Camera: Frank Griebe and Alberto Venzago.Pumpkin filmproduction



To celebrate the 125th anniversary of public transportation in Zuerich, Venzago documents with his Leica tender moments. A kind of a love affair....


A CLOSER LOOK Israel, May 2007

Photographer Alberto Venzago has followed the UBS Verbier Festival Orchestra since its formation."A closer look" is a selection of his extensive work.


In the orchetsra pit

Be it child prostitution in the Philippines, Yakuza in Japan or voodoo in West Africa, virtually no story is too dangerous for Alberto Venzago to cover. For over 30 years, Alberto Venzago's photography focused on explosive subjects. "I've always been interested in the dark side of human nature," he explains. "That's where the real soul is exposed." more on www.leica



The 'invisibles' are all those we refuse to see - people who seldom garner the attention of the West's media - as well as those who nevertheless refuse to stop caring for them. This film is dedicated to all those whose support makes it possible for the international aid agency "Médecins Sans Fron tières" to work in a wide range of crisis-hit areas and war zones all over the world.
This collection of short documentaries was made to commemorate the founding of the Spanish section of "M


Sept.19th LONDON: UBS Soundscapes-the LSO in the city. Photoexhibition

LSO and UBS. Extraordinary music together
A selection of dramatic, large-scale photographic images of the London Symphony Orchestra by Alberto Venzago
Broadgate Arena, near Liverpool Street Station, London, EC2A 2BQAlberto Venzago worked with the London Symphony Orchestra and its conductors Sir Colin Davis and Valery Gergiev in London and Russia.Soon on the web of the LSO


Venzago works with the London Symphony Orchestra

Alberto Venzago worked with the London Symphony Orchestra and its conductors Sir Colin Davis and Valery Gergiev in London and Russia.Soon on the web of the LSO



"Mounted by the Gods" tells- with fascinating scenes and innovative means of filming- of a journey into the mysterious world of African Voodoo. Alberto Venzago documents the immersion into this religion with impressive aesthetic and a vast amount of sensitivity.
Double DVD available in any cd/dvd-shop in Switzerland.



artistart 2/06: opening 5 pm. Frank Bodin, pianist, autor and chairman & CEO of Euro RSCG group Switzerland will held the opening speech.



The new campaign for the magazine "SURPRISE" has a real surprise in store. The models wearing designer clothes and posing in expensive suites, which are normally reserved for the chosen few, seem different than usual. There faces show traces of a life in poverty which normally does not fit to the glossy image most people have in mind. This proves that you can not always judge people by what they wear.



Alberto Venzago has over a decade experience in filming and photographing the voodoo-cult in West Africa. His exhibition "VOODOO; mounted by the gods" is successfully being shown for the first time in America. Alone in Columbia over 10 000 visitors have entered into his fascinating Voodoo world.